the vampire diaries
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vampire(s) looking for the Moonstone.

sorry for the question, and also for my poor english, but i just want to ask you, if I can use the code of tab-label that you have in the side-bar of your tumblr. I don't want to use it in my tumblr (I don't even have one), I just like the idea of that code, and I want to use for my site ^^

You should ask the theme maker :)

Can you make more icons?

I’ll (Lora) make more soon! If you have request/suggestions, do not hesitate :)

i was wondering what coloring or psd you used for this post/27124557701 if it was different, could you share one you at least used for one of them? it's lovely.

Sorry, we forgot to add our faq when we changed our theme:

Do you share your psd(s)?
If you want some colorings, you can find them on our personnal blogs (sidebar/team). But, we do not share or post psds here.

Hey I notice you guys had logoless episodes of the secret circle I was wondering if you had logoless episodes for season 3 of the vampire diaries?

You can find them here (web dl)

when will you announce who the new member is?

We’ll announce it when we’ve made the decision and informed the one that we’ve chosen.


will u consider a blog that is not tvd related? btw love your blog!

You just need to make tvd gifs/caps, tvd blog or not. Thank you!

did u find the next member u were looking for?

No, we have some propositions, but we aren’t decided yet ;)

omg, are you all french ?! it's like the french club :)

Lol, five members of the team are french yes. (:

do you want any additional giffers? i make gifs and i'd really like to contribute. happy to 'audition' if you need me to.

Maybe, but who are you? :)

What coloring did you use for / post / 6353035689?


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